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We at MITC ROLLING MILLS PVT. LTD., are manufacturing steel by fine state of art technology through Induction Furnace (Electrotherm India Ltd.,). We have a 6/11 meter radius Continuous Casting Machine (Concast India Ltd., Mumbai) and can produce of the sizes 100 x 100 mm2, 110 x 110 mm2, 125 x 125 mm2, 160 x 160 mm2 and 200 x 200 mm2 in all grades of M.S. and Alloy Steel as per customer requirements. We are holding a valid BIS (ISI) Licence to manufacture M.S. Billets as per IS:2830-1992.
We have the technology to produce billet through closed casting. All our whole Liquid Metal are purged thoroughly using inert gas like Nitrogen or Argon.

  1. We are using good quality scrap and quality of liquid metal is continuously monitored and tested during melting. So we have close control on chemical composition of Liquid Metal.

  2. The chemistry will affect the quality of Billet. So the chemistry has to be perfect (i.e. P <0.055 & S<0.055).

  3. For good quality of billet we have done purging after tapping. This purging ensures homogeneity of the liquid metal and other impurities comes out of the metal.

  4. We have bottom pouring ladle. So the metal is taken out from the bottom of the ladle and slag does not entrap in the metal so surface defect is zero and good finishing is there.

  5. In the process of Billet manufacturing there is a continuous flow of Liquid Metal. So central shrinkage or piping is a rare phenomenon in billet. 50% of misroll can be minimized in rolling process.

  6. The spray cooling ensures the solidification and improves the quality of Billet. The primary or mould cooling water quality is maintained through R.O. and D.M. water plant. The secondary cooling is controlled by automation through computer.

  7. We can cut Billet in required length from 4.75 meters to 7.0 meters. So we can cut this billet in desired length as per Rolling and can minimize the percentage of random in rolling.

  8. On an average calculation the saving in the end cutting in case of billet is 0.17% if the Mill has two end cutting per rolling and 0.23% if the mill has three end cutting per rolling.

  9. In the rolling of higher dia (like 16, 20, 25, 32 mm) the random saving is very higher due to billet.

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