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High Strength, Corrosion Resistant MITC TMT BARS

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Capacity : 500 MT/Month
Product Range : 50 kg to 25000 kg single piece
Products :

All types of steel, alloy steel, C.I. Castings for different industries.

(a) Cement Plants: Girth Gear, Cones, Ball Mill Liner, Diaphragm Plate. Hammer Beaters, Lifting & Turning Plates etc.
(b) Sugar Mills: Sprocket, Heavy Spur Gear, Scrapper bad, Trash Beam / Plate Bearing Housing, Head, Stock, Top Cap, Side Cap, Crown Pinion.
(c) Cold Rolling Mill / Hot Rolling Mill: Mill Housing, Chokes, Bearing Covers, Heavy Gear Wheel etc.
(d) Mining Machinery Manufacturers: Stone Crushers, Levers, 3-Roller Mill (Raymond Mill), Bull Ring, Rollers, Crusher Body etc.
(e) Pig Iron Plant : Steel Pig Mould and other spares
(f) Chemical & Rayon Industries : Reaction Towers, Pot etc.
(g) Valve & Pump Industries : Sluice Valves, B.F. Valves, Multi Dial Check Valves, Discs, Diaphragms.
(h) Radial gates for Large Dams:Trunion Brackets and Bushes etc., Gears.
(i) Rubber & Plastic Industries: Rotor Frame, Gears & Cylinders
(j) Hydraulic Industries: Hydraulic Cylinder, Table Plates, Bushes etc.
(k) All other industries requiring Cast Steel, Alloy Steel, Manganese Steel, Heat Resistant Steel & Cast Iron Castings.
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